Bud Light’s corn syrup commercial offends Iowa farmers

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Super Bowl commercials sometimes come with controversy, and people are worked up about this particular Bud Light advertisement because it mocks companies who use corn syrup in their beer. 

Many farmers are taking it as a direct jab to their livelihood. On Monday Iowa Corn and local breweries are both standing by farmers.

“I was really disappointed when the commercial first came on,” said Craig Floss, CEO of Iowa Corn. “I was sitting there watching the game and here comes a big barrel of corn syrup. Very surprised Bud Light would take that kind of attack.”

Floss says the commercial doesn’t represent hard-working farmers.

“I think it does frustrate people when it does affect their livelihood,” said Floss. “We aren’t just a big company we are lots of individual family farmers. So to go at this group of people who work so hard to provide food and fuel  locally, it hurts and is really impactful to their bottom line.”

Twisted Vine Brewery in West Des Moines also taken back to see this kind of marketing used by a big beer giant. They say any ingredients can make beer, and that’s what makes the industry so unique. 

“It takes a week to two weeks to really ferment out all the sugars,” said Jasen Garrett, managing partner and brewer at Twisted Vine Brewery. “Could be rice, could be grain, could be corn syrup.”

Garrett says they don’t use corn syrup in their beers but say many different ingredients can be used as a fermented sweetener. 

“Here is mosaic, it has a really kind citrus and fruity aroma,” said Garrett. “Really popular with the IPA’s.”

Everyone at Twisted Vine Brewery hopes people remember that beer shouldn’t be controversial. And instead of something that should be celebrated.

“It’s fun to experiment and try different beers,” said Garrett. “It’s all about supporting the craft.”

Iowa Corn says they’ve been in contact with Anheuser Bush about the commercial who’ve tried to make amends. No word yet on if the ad will be removed. 

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