DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Members of the local steelworkers union will be going to work at Bridgestone Friday morning after reaching an agreement just before midnight.

The members of United Steelworkers Post 310 had their contract with Bridgestone run out at 11:00 Thursday night. They had been negotiating for months with the company. Workers say they were prepared to strike, but 36 minutes after the contract ran out a deal was reached.

“When they reach a tentative agreement, they get all the details they bring it back to the membership, then we have informational meetings. Several of them so everybody has the opportunity to, to look at everything there. Ask any questions to the bargaining team on the details of that. And then after that, we do a vote of the membership,” said Bill Campbell, Vice President of Local 310.

The date for that vote is not set yet but they believe it will be next week. The leaders of the union were in Kentucky for negotiations and will need to travel back to Des Moines.

The workers are happy to avoid the picket line.

“A strike is not good for anybody. You know, it still does have to pass a membership. So, it affects not only the people that work there, but it also affects the company as well on that and you know, anything that affects a company where you get to earn your paycheck is not a good thing either. And that’s not what we want. We just want a fair contract. We want the company to make money so that we can have our fair share,” said Campbell.

If the members vote down the agreement the negotiations will have to start over again, but for now they will continue working their same shifts.