AMES, Iowa — Mary Riney has been painting her entire life and ever since she moved to Ames six years ago she’s shared her talent with her fellow senior living community residents.

“I didn’t expect to be painting at 84 but I think some of the stuff I’ve done now is the best I’ve done so you know, it’s great,” Riney said.

Riney has taught fellow residents how to paint with watercolors.

“I enjoy teaching too it’s fun to see people wake up to their creativity and think ‘Oh I can do that I don’t have to just do it this way’ and that is such fun,” Riney said.

Over 70 of Riney’s paintings hang on the walls of Windsor Oaks, the senior living community where Riney lives. She has even inspired other residents to hang up their own artwork.

After a lifetime of painting, Riney has some words of wisdom for anyone trying to get into painting.

“You just need to give your all its the only way to do it and don’t give up because the kids say ‘Well Mom you’re always in the basement painting’ or your husband says ‘well that cost a lot of money to frame up’ or you just don’t get any response from people at shows or whatever, yeah you just keep going,” Riney said.