DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — It is a pain Wilbert Faguada hoped to never feel.

“We are living hell on Earth. We are hurt,” said Faguada as he recalled the devastating news that his four-year-old son Marcos was killed Tuesday evening in a car wreck caused by street racing along Fleur Drive in Des Moines.

“You could have filled this living room with tears from everybody that has been grieving here,” Faguada said.

Des Moines police say the crash was caused by two street racing vehicles northbound along Fleur Dr. when one of the vehicles, a 2022 Genesis sedan crossed into southbound traffic striking the vehicle driven by Wilbert’s sister. The vehicle was carrying Marcos and Marcos’ 8-year-old cousin.

“My son and sister and nephew were just volunteering before this accident downtown. They were helping out the community in Des Moines and somebody within the community caused this catastrophe,” Faguada said.

The family is praying for their recovery. Faguada said, “She’s in stable condition. My nephew will be fine he has a broken collar bone but they will be fine.”

The family is also praying to somehow find the comfort and joy that Marcos often provided. Faguada said, “His Sonic little boots. He would come in here and run. He acted like he was the fastest man in the world.”

Just a week ago, young Marcos beamed with pride as he brought home a self-drawn family portrait from school. A portrait that going forward can never be reality. Faguada said, “There’s my daughter. Here I am and here he is and here is my wife. The funny thing is that is our family dog right there.”

Despite the heartbreak, giving the family the slightest bit of happiness has been hearing what may have been their son’s final words from a witness who tried to help on the scene. The stranger met the family at the hospital claiming they spoke to Marcos just minutes after the crash that would eventually take his life. Faguada says the witness told him Marcos said that his name was Marcos, he loved his mom and dad and he loved Spider-Man.

Faguada has a plea for anyone treating metro roads like race tracks. “There are race tracks for a reason and drag strips for a reason. Not the streets. Not the city streets. This is the outcome of it. This hurt. This hole in your heart. This senseless act and it changed our life forever.”

An online fundraiser has been created to help the family during the unexpected death of Marcos. Donations can be made here.