DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — A one million dollar MegaMillions lottery ticket purchased from the Filling Station/Gateway Express in Ames is set to expire Wednesday at 4:00 pm.

The ticket was purchased on September 6, 2022, and has gone unclaimed since then.

Mary Neubauer, the Vice President of External Relations at the Iowa Lottery, said that if the ticket goes unclaimed then the money will likely be a part of a giveaway back to the players as was the case with an unclaimed ticket from 2019.

“That prize expired I believe it was 2019 in the town of Nevada, in that case, it was a million-dollar prize in Powerball we turned right around and held a promotion where we gave away a million-dollar prize in a promotion for Powerball players and it was a group of coworkers from cedar rapids who ended up splitting that prize so that was a really fun outcome I anticipate that we will do something similar with this prize money if its not claimed in time,” Neubauer said.

Whoever won the million-dollar ticket will have to redeem it at the Iowa Lottery Headquarters in Clive before they close for the day on Wednesday at 4:00 pm.