Duck gets stuck on the ice in Council Bluffs after going to frozen river

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KETV) – Birds of a feather may flock together, but a group of ducks in Iowa definitely picked the wrong place to mingle.

They went to a frozen lake near Council Bluffs and one duck ended up getting stuck on the ice.

Council Bluffs firefighters were called to Lake Manawa on Tuesday to rescue that duck.

“We put on ice rescue suits and started out there and we got about a quarter of the way and the ice broke out and we kind of breaking the ice the whole way out there to get the duck,” said Max Krzycki, firefighter.

Firefighters say this was good training for them.

“Manawa, a week and a half ago, was completely open. We didn’t think there was going to be that much ice on the water, so it was kind of a surprise for us,” said Krzycki.

After firefighters rescued the duck, they took it to Midlands Humane Society to get some help.

Officials say this bird is domesticated, which means it should not have been out there by himself.

“Domestic ducks, they definitely need care,” said Cassidy Carey, Midlands Humane Society.

He wasn’t the only one. Midlands Humane Society says there were a total of five birds on the lake, but only this one was rescued.

It appeared to have an injured wing but he’s in better spirits than when he was first brought in.

“He’s actually being really good. I thought he was going to be a butt because he didn’t like the idea of me touching him,” said Carey.

The Midlands Humane Society will hold the duck until it finds a new home.

For the firefighters, it’s all part of a days work.

“Whether it’s a cat in a tree, a duck in water or a house fire, we’ll try to take care of it,” said Matt Krzycki, Council Bluffs firefighter.

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