DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — After a nearly year-long investigation, three people are facing charges in a post-prom shooting in Des Moines last May.

Police say 20-year-old Jaren Rhoden and 19-year-old Terrance Johnson-Rawls are both charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon.

Court documents say Johnson-Rawls was attending a Roosevelt High School post-prom party at a home in the Linden Heights neighborhood on May 8, 2022 when he got into a physical altercation at the party. Police say in response to the fight, cell phone video shows Rhoden pulled out a firearm and pointed it at a group within the party.

A short time later police say gunshots were fired and Johnson-Rawls retreated inside the home where video evidence shows him pointing a firearm at another group trying to seek shelter from the gunshots.

Three people not involved in the conflict were injured in the shooting.

Police say more than one person fired shots, but witnesses have refused to confirm who the shooters are. While police have video of both Rhoden and Johnson-Rawls brandishing the weapons, they do not have video evidence of them firing the guns.

Police say the owner of the home, whose son was a student at Roosevelt High School, has also been charged. Jeffery Stickel has been charged with keeping a disorderly house, a simple misdemeanor.

Stickel, his wife, and his son are being sued in civil court by one of the people that was shot at the party. The suit claims they were negligent in hosting the party.

Police say with prom season in full swing, the decision by parents to think they are doing their kids a favor and keeping them safe by hosting home parties can be a costly one.

“It is prom season, it is graduation season and we do hear of parents and other hosting parties where there is alcohol and with the intention they are giving children a safe place to have these parties. And you have to wrap that logic in common sense,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department. “Those two don’t mix well and you can have a tragedy at any time. Hosting something like that will lead to nothing good.”

Police say Johnson-Rawls is already serving a five-year sentence in federal prison on an unrelated crime. Law enforcement says they haven’t been able to locate Rhoden.