24 cats, kittens found in terrible condition inside Des Moines home

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WOI) – Animal Rescue League workers helped rescue 24 cats and kittens from inside a Des Moines home Wednesday afternoon.

The owner, according to the ARL, called the organization and turned herself in. She surrendered the animals as well. An ARL spokeswoman said that the animals were in terrible condition, feces was everywhere in the house.

According to the ARL, the owner is known to police and the ARL for similar behavior. She was charged in a similar case in the past, according to the ARL. Charges are pending.

The ARL says two of the cats had indications of previous trauma and one cat’s teeth were so decayed that it was drooling bloody saliva. Another cat has multiple ear polyps that may require a specialized surgery. One kitten did not survive.

In addition to being treated for the medical conditions they’re currently fighting, about half of the cats and all of the kittens will need spay/neuter surgeries. All will also need vaccinations and many of the adults will need major dental surgeries before they will be ready for new homes.

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