IOWA — August 10th, 2020 is a day many Iowans will never forget. The full force of Mother Nature was unleashed on the state in the form a derecho – a severe storm with hurricane-force winds tearing in a straight line across Iowa.

It would prove to be the costliest thunderstorm disaster in US history. The current damage total sits at more than $11 billion. Tens of thousands of acres of corn and soybeans were flattened by the storm, leaving little standing at harvest time months later. The winds toppled buildings on farms across the state and crushed grain bins like pop cans.

Nowhere was harder hit by the storm in Iowa than Cedar Rapids. The winds grew to a peak of 140 mph as they slammed into Iowa’s second largest city. 98% of the city lost power in the wake of the storm and it remained out for weeks afterward. In Central Iowa, Marshalltown saw winds of up to 100 mph.