SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Ida Apartment on Pierce Street is red-tagged as uninhabitable tonight. The fire was first reported in the attic area. The entire roof area eventually burned during the fire.

Friday the building was deemed unsafe for entry and firefighters have not been able to enter the building to determine a cause. Friday evening the community provided for the 38 people left homeless by the fire.

“There’s a lot of processing that’s happening still, right now it’s hard to say how it’s going to end up affecting them on a personal level but in a disaster like this, it does change people and it does affect them,” said Adam Dean of the American Red Cross.

Meanwhile, the tenants spent the night at the first methodist church. Reverend Roger Madden says having help from the community makes the process better.

“But also to be so appreciative to all the agencies that worked together. They all do a little bit different things so they all have a gift in a certain way. Coming together, it works wonderful,” Madden said.

The shelter is going to stay open for those that need it. Woodbury County Emergency Management is partnering with agencies to provide clothes and food for victims at this time.