Growing hospitality areas bring more events to Siouxland


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For the first time in 80 years, the Shriners are back in Sioux City.

Shriner, Jeremy Robinson says, “The committee that chooses that usually picks a larger venue, like Branson or Kansas City.”

But with Sioux City’s recent growth, the Shriner’s have paraded their way back into town.

Robinson says, “It’s easier to market to the association. Especially with the downtown area with more hotels down here. It was easier to convince them and Sioux City has been growing and it’s a great community.”

Sioux City’s Economic & Community Development Director, Marty Dougherty says, “We like that of course from the standpoint of restaurants and hotels and bringing money into your community.”

And while events like this are a great short term economic boost for the community, they also present a long term effect.

Dougherty says, “People consider moving to an area if they’ve visited there before so I think having a lot of people come and visit your community is a good way to get people potentially interested in moving here.”

Helping to potentially grow Sioux cities population and workforce, all while flaunting the great things the city has to offer.

“It shows off your community. It highlights a community that we’re so proud of,” says Dougherty.

While visitors share what they have to offer right back.

Robinson says, “Proud to see the Shriners come to Sioux City and show what we have to offer here. And show a little bit of our home town style to them.”

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