Good Samaritans in South Carolina saved family of five after SUV plunges into river


GALIVANTS FERRY, S.C. (WMBF) – Good Samaritans helped rescue a family of five after their SUV plunged off a bridge in South Carolina on Sunday.

The accident was caught on a dash camera.

“It went parallel to the bridge and then it hit the edge of a cliff and it jumped. I saw its brake lights and then it just disappeared in a huge splash of water,” said Thomas Fee, good samaritan.

Thomas Fee describes the moment of vehicle plunged into the water of the Little Pee Dee River in Galivants Ferry on Sunday.

As soon as Fee saw what happened, he and two other men rushed over to help.

“We went down at the water. We formed a bridge and helped them get the kids across up to the shore,” said Fee.

He said the water was extremely cold, but that didn’t stop him from jumping in.

Fee also said there were five people in the car and a puppy. Three of the five inside the SUV were kids and one of them was just a baby.

“When I got there. I didn’t think anybody was going to live,” said the good samaritan.

Fee said the people inside the car were shaken up.

“The father was very frantic. Of course, I can understand that. and he was just really trying to get his kids over to the shore,” said Fee.

When Fee saw the baby in the vehicle, he says the urgency level immediately went up because he has a granddaughter around the same age.

“It really kinda hit home. When I went, I drove back through town on the way back through. I just wanted to stop and see my own grandkids. It was so hard to imagine what they would, what they were thinking,” said Fee.

Fee’s son, Lawrence, said his father’s actions were nothing shy of heroic and it doesn’t come as a shock to him that he stepped up the way he did.

“He’s always wanted to help people. He’s always wanted to be there for people when, when they need someone most,” said Lawrence Meier, Fee’s son.

But Fee doesn’t want to soak in the limelight.

In fact, he was reluctant to go on camera.

He instead said the other two men who helped did a lot more than he did.

Despite what some might have said, this humble, good samaritan said he’s far from a hero.

“No. I’m just a person. That’s what everybody would do,” said the good samaritan.

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