Girl’s memory resets every 2 hours, doctors don’t know why


KIRKWOOD, Ill. (CNN) — It’s a medical mystery others cannot forget., But the Illinois teenager who suffers from it cannot remember. 16-year-old Riley Horner’s memory resets every two hours.
It started happening after she was accidentally kicked in the head on June 11.

“If I learned anything yesterday, it’s completely gone and I have to re-learn that before I can even learn what we are doing today,” said Riley Horner.

Now she’s in school, and she relies on her classmates’ help to catch up.

“I was asking Sully, ‘what did we do?’. And then when everyone was saying stuff I was like writing things down because I have no idea what we are learning at all,” said Riley.

Riley, even confused as to why we were with her today. She doesn’t remember why we’re here, or what happened to her.

But everyone else around her does.

“They have pictures and screenshots of where I’ve been and I’ve been in People’s magazine and everything,” said Riley. “They show me that and I’m like ‘wow! I was in there?'”

Now, thousands of people across the world have shared Riley’s story. Riley’s mother, Sarah, hopes that by sharing her daughter’s story, there might be hope to help Riley.

Doctors haven’t been able to explain why her memory resets every two hours.

“We were pretty much told there’s nothing else that we can do. And I just didn’t believe that.. I didn’t think this was how her life was going to be,” said Sarah Horner, Riley’s mother.

The Horner family is considering visiting a treatment center out of Utah to see if they can treat Riley’s condition.

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