ALTOONA, Iowa- The Iowa Donor Network saw record numbers of organ donors for its fourth year in a row. 

The IDN has seen over a hundred percent increase in both organ transplants and organs donated since 2017. This growth isn’t related to increased deaths from things like the pandemic but rather changes in technology.

“So a lot of this growth that we’re seeing in organ donation is attributed to the advancement in medicine. And also, we’re expanding criteria here with donations. So organs at one time that might have been discarded are now able to be transplanted,” said Hospital development coordinator, Madeline Knoff. 

In addition, more Iowans are eligible to donate because of the Hope Act which allows HIV-positive donations to be made to HIV-positive recipients as well as  having more tissue donors.

There are still  around 100,000 people in need of organs nationwide with 600 of those being in Iowa.
 Anyone can register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor, regardless of medical history. To join the donor registry or to learn more, you can visit