Flooded roads strand South Dakota communities


BRANDON, S.D. – Floodwaters continue to rise all over South Dakota where entire communities are underwater.

Many are struggling to get out of flooded towns due to closed roads. Water covering roads is causing a big problem for a lot of communities. There’s only one way in and out of Brandon, South Dakota right now and that’s from Interstate 90. All other roads surrounding the community are under water.

Officials are telling people to stay put if possible.

“This flooding event is far worse than the previous ones,” Matt Stabb, the Split Rock township supervisor, said. “The roads were softer, the water is higher. A much, much more dangerous situation. If you don’t have to go out, just stay home.”

Staab says it’s going to cost a lot of money to fix area roads and it’s going to be a while before many are back in service. He says it will be hard to find gravel and a lot of heavy equipment is currently being used just a few miles down the road in Sioux Falls to clean up the tornado damage.

Local police are warning people to stay away from closed roads.

“I had a number of people today when confronted with the fact that the road was closed ask me if they could still make it through. It’s about a $225 dollar find to go through a road closure so I encourage you to comply with those,” said Brandon Police Chief Joe Weir.

Officials also reminding everyone to “turn around, don’t drown”. If you can’t see the road, don’t try to drive through the water.

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