In the weeks and months following this year’s flooding in Siouxland, many have turned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help.
Now the agency is scrambling to clean up it’s own mess.

FEMA is apologizing for sharing sensitive private information of 2.5 million natural disaster survivors.

The federal agency says it un-intentionally shared the home addresses and banking information with a third party contractor.

A FEMA spokesperson saying the agency acted quickly to ensure the overshared information was quarantined, protected and permanently removed from the contractor’s system.

“There are a lot of terrible outcomes that could have happened.
Government agencies aren’t take the security of the data they are collecting about you and me as serious as they should,” said John Brayall of the National Consumers League.

The good news is that Siouxland disaster survivors likely won’t be impacted by the breach. Victims of 2017 wildfires and hurricanes are most at risk.

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