Faulty lottery machine in Virginia produces false winnings


People who checked their tickets in the Virginia town of Windsor didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot, but they still thought they’d made off with a decent haul.

“It dings and I’m looking at the sign waiting for it to say two or four dollars she was like ‘look you need to come here.’ I’m like ‘what’re you talking about?’ She’s like ‘you need to come here,'” said Zuni resident Richard Walker.  

Walker stared at the screen that showed he was $65,000 richer.

“I’m all excited, kind of in shock. I leave, I go home. I called out of work,” Walker said recalling his excitement.

After double checking his Mega Millions ticket winnings at the Shop and Save off East Windsor Avenue he headed to Hampton to cash in at the lottery office. 

“The lady’s like you won $4. I’m like ‘no this says this number right here says I won 65 grand,'” he stated.

Walker wasn’t the only one who was crushed by the mix up.

Wakefield resident Pamela Stringfield also checked her ticket at the same convenience store. 

Only she thought she’d scored an even bigger cash prize of over $98,000. 

“I was like ‘really are you kidding?’ And she was like ‘yes this is what you won,'” Stringfield explained. 

Stringfield stopped at another convenience store to make sure it wasn’t too good to be true, and sadly, it was.

Both of them looked for answers to how this could happen. 

The state’s lottery headquarters said they were notified that the terminal at this store was giving out very large amounts and say this mix up happened to at least five people. 

They said the problem was isolated to one lottery machine and that the main system showed the correct winnings, which was a few bucks.

“It’s crazy, like the amount of emotions you go through when something like this happens, like I had to pull over on the way to Hampton because I felt like I was going to pass out my heart’s racing like it is now, it’s just crazy,” he said shaking his head.

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