(WHBF) – “Remember her face.”

Sheena Gibbs (contributed photo)

Her name is Sheena Gibbs.

“Her face is very distinctive,” her Aunt Lela Tarver told Our Quad Cities News in an exclusive interview about her family’s pain over the last two years.

“Just know how much we love Sheena. And we want her found. And we will stop at nothing to figure it out,” she said.

Sheena lived in Chicago, but sometimes came to the Quad Cities area to visit her parents and other family members. She was staying in Davenport right before she disappeared, and she mentioned a job interview in Chicago.

“I thought, ‘Why is she going for a job interview when you were thinking about coming here to help take care of your mom?'” her aunt said. “So the logic behind her wanting to come home to take care of her mom is because we really didn’t want her mom to be in a nursing home. So it was an ideal situation.”

Sheena Gibbs (photo contributed)

Not long after that, her aunt reported Sheena missing. Police had few clues.

“She’s a 40-year-old female. We don’t have any evidence of a crime having been committed or anything like that,” police told Sheen’s family.

Police searched in Chicago. Her phone’s last ping was in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, a community on the Wisconsin border.

“That was probably the most heart-wrenching thing that I’ve done, at least in a long time, to travel to an unknown area I’ve never heard of or been before, looking for my niece,” Lela Tarver said.

Flyers, Facebook pages, and a podcast all have failed to provide the answer. No person of interest has been named.

One of Sheena’s friends, who asked to remain anonymous, told Our Cities News that Sheena may be caught up in a group of people involved in human trafficking.

Sheena’s aunt has a message for her niece if Sheena can see this interview.

“Sheena, we love you. Your family loves you … and we want you home. If you can leave any kind of trail, so we can find you, we’ll try to pick up on it. We just want you home and safe. You are a fighter, so do whatever you have to do to get to us while we’re here trying to do what we have to do to get to you.”

See the entire Our Quad Cities interview below:

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