HADAR, Neb. (KCAU) – Dog Owner, Kylie Kilcoin says her home feels empty now and that things have gone quiet.

Kilcoin says, “The first time I had to come home it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life.”

The noise is something she misses.

Kilcoin says, “They were just sweethearts.”

Dixie and Daisy were two of four dogs the Kilcoin family owned, until the two Jack Russells somehow escaped the fence and were shot by Tim Reicks, the next-door neighbor.

Kilcoin says, “The sight I saw is something I will never unsee.”

The Reicks declined to comment, but police say the neighbors reportedly felt threatened for their lives and were within their rights to take action.

Pierce County Sheriff, Rick Eberhardt says, “Anytime an animal is attacking or you feel like an animal is attacking you, you have a right to defend yourself.”

Kilcoin says, “That’s all the excuse he needed. Feared for his life from two small dogs that only stood about ankle high.”

Combined the dogs only weighed roughly 30 pounds. An autopsy report from the vet claims both Dixie and Daisy were shot from behind.

Kilcoin says, “Where they were laying it was plainly seen they were running away from him. They were at the edge of his lawn.”

Kilcoin claims no one was scratched or bitten and that the dogs have never been aggressive in the past.

Police say this could have been avoided.

“It’s always import for pet owners to have their dogs restrained and keep them on their property,” says Eberhardt.

Kilcoin says, “I’m not going to say I want him to go to jail or pay this extreme fine. I just want some kind of justice for Dixie and Daisy because this wasn’t right.”

The dog’s owners claim this is only the second time their pets have got out, but an animal control employee told KCAU off-camera that he’s received several reports about the dogs being aggressive and scaring other neighbors in past years.