SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – It’s not a movie, she’s a real-life pet detective, and she’s in Sioux City on a mission.

Karin Tarqwyn and her dogs are from Nebraska, and they’ve been tracking Alexandria on Wednesday.

Alexandria is a small, white poodle mix who went missing almost two weeks ago. Tarqwyn says she finds missing dogs the same way she searches for missing people.

With the help of her furry friends, Karin Tarqwyn has been finding missing people and pets for more than a decade.

“I was in search and rescue for missing people. At the time, I had a dog team, and basically what I did is in 2005, I switched my agency from missing people to missing dogs and cats, and we have a canine team that is specifically trained for dogs, cats, and humans. We actually have worked here in this area and made recoveries both missing people and missing dogs,” said Tarqwyn.

Alexandria is an emotional support dog. Diane Bogenrief was taking her dog to the groomer when Alexandria, her granddaughter’s dog, got away.

“I ran after her I got winded, and I feel so bad that I lost her dog because she lost her parents, and she really needs her dog for support,” said Bogenrief.

The family hired Tarqwyn to find Alexandria.

“It’s really the dogs. I run on the dumb end of the leash. We follow the noses,” said Tarqwyn.

If the dogs don’t pick-up Alexandria’s scent, they bark. If they do, they will follow that smell as far as they can.

“We’re walking off of about 15 different leads. We don’t know which of those leads are hers if any of them, but it is usually other people’s eyes and ears. It takes a village, especially for a situation like Alexandria,” said Tarqwyn.

Tarqwyn said if your dog runs away, it’s important to act quickly.

“When a pet first goes missing, the most important thing is to see within that first hour if you can get leads of sitings, it’s going to be other people’s eyes and ears. After the first hour, you need to have a plan,” said Tarqwyn.

“We pray that we can find her, and we appreciate everyone’s help. Thank you very much,” said Bogenrief.

Tarqwin said she plans to be in Sioux City until she and her team find Alexandria. The dog team picked-up her scent Wednesday morning in Morningside, but as of 5 p.m., Alexandria hadn’t been found.