ANKENY, IOWA — Iowa State University and Des Moines Area Community College on Tuesday announced an agreement to try to make the transition to Iowa State from DMACC more streamlined.

DMACC President Rob Denson and Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen signed a partnership agreement called DMACC-ISU Connect.

The program will develop coordinated academic counseling between the two schools, also some dedicated housing, and they will also hold connection events to help students develop new contacts when transferring to ISU.

“More DMACC graduates continue their academic careers at Iowa State than any other university, including 5,000 since 2012,” said Denson in a news release. “DMACC-ISU Connect between the two schools allows these students to begin their college career closer to home, while still taking classes in high-demand fields like business and cyber-security, and build on their academic success at Iowa State 

“Iowa State is proud to be the university of choice for DMACC students to complete their bachelor’s degrees,” said Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen. “With many of our shared students staying in Iowa to launch their professional careers, this program is one important way we’re meeting the state’s workforce needs, and strengthening our economy, and communities.

“While I’ve been at DMACC I have been able to develop a good community and lots of great friends who speak very highly of their experience at Iowa State and I’m really excited for the smooth transition,” said Jenna Fagen, a North Polk graduate, who also graduated from DMACC’s Boone Campus.

“I graduated with my associates in liberal arts this past spring and I will be going to Iowa State this fall,” said Brooke Barbour a DMACC graduate from Ankeny. “The reason I chose Iowa State, I really appreciate it and I cannot be more excited to see where this program goes.”