SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — There might be several Sugar Shacks but there’s only one Sugar Shack Bakery where Siouxlanders can find the latest edition of “Dishing” Siouxland’s special dish; German Chocolate Truffles. 

Owner of The Sugar Shack Bakery, Claudia Hesse, has been serving sweets to Siouxland for more than 18 years, and the bakery has earned several awards including Top Ten Bakeries in Iowa, Sweetest Bakery in America, Judge’s Choice at Baconfest 2018, and more. Among The Sugar Shack Bakery’s sweetest treats is the German Chocolate Truffles.  

Mayra Ramirez, a baker with Sugar Shack, said that the German Chocolate Truffles are made by mixing cake with frosting which gives it a dough-like texture then it’s covered with chocolate and topped with embellishments.  

“Most people like to think they’re like cake pops without a stick,” said Ramirez, “Ours are topped differently and we make like a bunch of different flavors.”  

Ramirez indicated that once they have mixed the cake with the frosting using a blender, they roll them out using a roller. The roller allows the baker to create perfect even-sized pieces before dipping them in chocolate. Before the truffles can be dipped in chocolate, they must first prep the chocolate carefully.  

When prepping the chocolate, the baker must work at a moderate speed. If the chocolate is heated up too quickly then it will burn and have a strong smell. Ramirez would continually mix the chocolate, then use the spatula to determine the temperature.  

“Sometimes temperature can make or break what you’re kind of doing, so I was noticing that my chocolate was getting a little hot,” said Ramirez, “So, the more I mixed would help cool it down a little more. It’s one of those things you have to play around with to get it right.”  

Ramirez said she can tell when the chocolate has reached the right temperature based on how runny the chocolate is when she lets it run off the spatula. If the chocolate is too hot, it will be really runny. After the baker has the right consistency, they dip the truffle in the chocolate. After the chocolate has time to harden, they top the truffle off with chocolate buttercream icing and a German chocolate filling. 

Owner of Sugar Shack Bakery, Claudia Hessa, said that Sugar Shack started out of her kitchen and developed from her love for baking. She said that she used to be a part of a group of moms and preschoolers, and the group became her first customers.  

Hessa said she initially called the bakery “Sugar Shack,” after a song. She later realized that there were a lot of other places with the same name so added “the” and then “bakery,” from then on it was known as The Sugar Shack Bakery.