SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — “Dishing” Siouxland is the latest story series from KCAU 9 that finds the story behind the dish that locally-owned restaurants are known for, is their signature item, or their signature dish.  

Owner Jesse Miller said Table 32’s signature dish is perfect for the lent season, the Chili Seared Salmon. The is prepared by dusting the fish with chili seasoning, pan-fried, then topped with an avocado salsa which is made to order.  

“It’s mildly spicy,” described Miller, “but it’s really good. It’s also served with a side of Parmesan Risotto, which is delicious.”  

When the dish is placed in front of the guest, Miller said one of their first impressions of it will be how the dish smells. He said that the chili seasoning adds a unique aroma to the salmon and gets the appetite going.  

Upon trying the dish, the salmon tasted smooth with a slight tang from the chili seasoning. The tomatoes and onions within the avocado salsa added a burst of additional flavors. The Parmesan Risotto had a very velvety consistency with a rich, almost creamy taste to it.  

“We get a lot of compliments on it,” said Miller, “and a lot of people say that it’s the best thing they’ve ever tasted, but the key is to not overcook the salmon.”  

Miller said the salmon is one of the most popular seafood dishes among Table 32 guests, selling at least 50 a week. 

“I haven’t seen this anywhere else in town,” said Miller, “The chili seasoning and avocado salsa is different than anything I’ve ever seen.”  

Miller added the most time-consuming part of making the dish is the Risotto and pan-frying the salmon is the easiest part of the process.  

When preparing food, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t get cross-contaminated with other dishes and is cooked thoroughly. To ensure that the Chili Seared Salmon dish is safe for Table 32 guests, it is cooked in its own pan to ensure that there is nothing else to get cross-contaminated with. The salmon is also always checked to ensure that it has been cooked to the proper temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Table 32 has been serving Siouxland since 2017, but the Miller family has been serving Siouxland much longer.  

Miller said his family is originally from Sioux City, but he was originally from Omaha, Nebraska. He indicated that his father and uncle opened Bev’s on the River which closed not long before Miller decided to open Table 32.  

“My father was in the restaurant industry his whole life,” said Miller, “my family sold [Bev’s on the River] in 2015 and we decided to open this in 2017.” 

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