SERGEANT BLUFF, Iowa (KCAU) — A new locally owned establishment is looking to make its mark on Siouxland with a few of its signature items that are featured in the latest edition of “Dishing” Siouxland. Pub 52 is showcasing an all-American breakfast burger, the Pub 52 burger, and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. 

The Pub 52 All-American Breakfast Burger

To make the All-American Breakfast Burger, Pub 52 starts with an Angus beef patty which they get from Greater Omaha of Nebraska, then they fry up some hash browns, bacon, and a fried egg. Lastly, they add American cheese served on a brioche bun. The owner of Pub 52, Justin Truhe, said that they toast all the buns, and the guests have the option to add peanut butter and jelly to give it a “Midwest little twist to it.”  

When making the Pub 52 burger they use the same Angus beef from Great Omaha of Nebraska for their patties, then they add house-made pulled pork, bacon, barbecue sauce, onion petals and served on a toasted brioche bun. Onion petals can be compared to onion rings, but instead of being a complete circle, they are sliced into “petals.”  

Pub 52 also uses several house-made items for their foods, including house-made crispy chicken and house buffalo sauce for their buffalo chicken wraps. The wraps also have blue cheese or ranch then diced tomatoes.  

Truhe said that with items that use so many house-made ingredients, Pub 52 has to prepare in the mornings before they open. They have a big prep list that includes preparing the veggies, gravies, sauces, beef patties, and more.  

The Pub 52 burger

“[The ingredients] are always fresh too,” said Truhe, “So, we get our deliveries twice a week, so don’t worry about those being frozen or anything like that. Otherwise, they stay in our refrigerator.”  

Each item brings a mixture of flavors from the fresh ingredients to the mixture of house-made sauces, according to Truhe.  

“Everything that we just named has got a little bit of a Midwest flair to it,” said Truhe, “It’s the Midwest comfort food when it comes to the bacon and the burgers and stuff too. But we make everything to have a little bit of a different texture to it.”  

Truhe said that they specialize in the kind of food that you’d expect to see at a sports bar, but their chefs make the items a little unique so that when guests come in, they’ll get an authentic Pub 52 flavor. He said their chefs take pride in what they are making and that comes through when Siouxlanders give it a try.  

One of the most important things that an establishment must take into consideration is the safety of each guest, so Pub 52 regularly checks the temperatures of their coolers, cleaning between each shift or when there’s extra time, making sure all ingredients are fresh and have dates on them, and ensuring that all food is cooked to a safe temperature.  

Guests can go to Pub 52 and enjoy sports on the monitors and food from the fryer. Truhe noted that not all the food is fried, but they have something for everyone, and they are always open to suggestions or ideas.  

The Pub 52 Buffalo Chicken Wrap

“We get messages all the time from people, ‘Hey, have you tried a pizza burger,’ so now we have the ‘za burger that we do every once in a while.”  

Truhe said that the Pub 52 location on 1st Street has done some significant business to the Sergeant Bluff community. He said that at one time, it had been a bowling alley, while it might not look like one anymore. He added that he had his eye on the location for some time before the previous owners had placed the property on the market, and they’ve been serving Siouxland since early January.  

Pub 52 was named as a tribute to the town of Sergeant Bluff which was the first Township of Woodbury County in 1852.  

“So, that’s kind of how we got the 52 and the logo,” said Truhe, “I kind of morphed it in from my previous business and stuff to kind of put our little Sergeant Bluff feel to it, so we kind of pride ourselves on being something for the adults, something for the kids, and something for the family.”