Road to recovery: Siouxland donations help save dog’s life

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue and Siouxland Animal Hospital spent weeks attempting to save a dog’s life after it was found with maggots and a cord digging into its neck.

Siouxland banded together on social media to raise money to save Alex’s life after 12 Hills Animal Hospital in Walthill, Nebraska received a call for a dog the owner no longer wanted, though no one was prepared to see Alex in such critical condition.  

“When he was first taken from the owner, he had a wire cable that was coated in rubber embedded in his neck. The maggots were so thick. It was embedded, I would say about an inch on the bottom and a half an inch on the top, but it was so covered in maggots you couldn’t even tell how deep it really was,” said co-founder of Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue, Brenda Iwen, “Pender Vet Clinic removed the cable and then we transferred him here to Siouxland. He was pretty comatose at that state, I didn’t think he was probably going to make it.” 

It took three days before they were able to give Alex an IV that would supply him the antibiotics and medications he needed, and there were still maggots at this point. When Alex managed to perk up, they were able to stitch the top of his neck, while leaving the bottom for the infection to drain.  

“His neck is looking so good. He did have internal stitches which are dissolvable, and then stitches on the outside which he’s going to need removed. So, you know, his neck is looking really good I think it’s the mental rehab that we’re really going to need to address. But Siouxland has done such a good job physically and mentally, you know, getting him back on track. The mental rehab is going to take longer than the physical I feel like at this point,” said Iwen.  

Iwen says they know who is responsible for Alex’s neglect and authorities are currently investigating. Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue is doing everything they can to help and bring Alex justice. Iwen also said there is a possibility of Alex being available for adoption in the future.  

“But of course, we’re going to make sure that he is, you know, rehabbed mentally. That’s our main thing right now, is that he is pretty solid before we take any applications because he is far from being available right now. We never want to set anybody up for disaster,” said Iwen. 

Iwen will be taking Alex home with her to ensure that he gets the care he needs until he’s ready for a forever home. 

To help more dogs like Alex, visit the Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue website to learn more about how you can become a foster.  

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