SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With the spring-like temperatures in Sioux City, one local homeless shelter is now in the process of ending its season.

The Warming Shelter is currently preparing for the final day, which is April 30, by getting ready to do a lot of cleaning.

“We clean and sanitize daily, hourly, most of the time, but it’s the things that we don’t have time for during the season, like scrubbing the walls, getting the floors resurfaced, and those types of things,” said Tessa Shanks, director of The Warming Shelter.

Tessa Shanks, the shelter’s director, said all the residents are already prepared for the end of the season, and they will hand out Blessing Bags to them at their departure.

“There’s blankets and there’s snacks and there’s things like toilet paper and plastic cutlery, things they don’t have access to on the streets. Flashlights for safety or being in the dark,” said Shanks.

During the season, the organization is helping people get connected to other resources and agencies in the area for whatever needs they might need.

“They gave me a place to rest my head. I’ve never been in a shelter before, but I’ve been on the streets my whole life,” said Tonya Doolin, a resident.

Tonya Doolin, a resident at The Warming Shelter, said she currently doesn’t know what to do when they end their season because they provide a sense of security for her.

“Sometimes I veered off, and I go wandering around, but when they see that I’m in trouble, then they call for help,” said Doolin.

Shanks said the shelter will now be open two days instead of one day a week during the off season starting on May 16 for people to grab their mail but they can’t sleep overnight.

“We are still going to provide laundry services. They can rest in the dorms; they can shower. We provide all of their basic needs, like their hygiene products and that sort of thing,” said Tessa Shanks, director of The Warming Shelter.

Shanks mentions another reason behind expanding their off season services is for people to get out of the hot weather in the summertime.