Digital Exclusive: Sioux City Police release 2019 preliminary crime rates report

Digital Exclusive

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Sioux City Police Department (SCPD) has released a preliminary report of crime rates for 2019.

Violent crime rates have decreased from 341 in 2018 to 279 in 2019 or 18.2%.

“So, we may not necessarily arrest them for the actual crime of violence that they committed. But there may be some other crimes we come across like dealing drugs,” said Sgt. Jeremy McClure, Sioux City Police Department.

The police also look at the offenders’ history and warning signs of increasing the number of crimes happening.

The other reasons why those rates have gone down are intelligence-led policing and building a partnership with Siouxland through their Community Team Policing.

In 2019, the SCPD officers participated in 443 community policing events and projects.

“Whatever we can do to get these offenders off the streets and keep our communities safe, we’ll do,” said Sgt. McClure.

SCPD works with several agencies routinely in the community and have strong relationships.

The agencies include:

  • On the federal level, DEA by participating in a task force
  • Participate in the U.S Marshall’s Fugitive task force
  • Work closely with the FBI and ATF on a regular basis to help further investigation and build strong cases to go to federal court
  • On the state level, work with State Patrol, Woodbury County, and several other state agencies to make strong cases against major offenders.

McClure said that the agencies they work with help their reach extend beyond city limits.

Some of the rates that increased in 2019 are property crimes and larceny/theft.

He said that the police department will be looking at them to figure out how to better educate the public and have more manpower to reduce those crime rates.

Those rates are compared to numbers going back to 2016.

The chart of previous crime statistics and 2019’s preliminary numbers. Courtesy of the Sioux City Police Department.

The SCPD reports the stats to the FBI and compare themselves to previous years. They look at the trends, up or down, and what areas do they need to focus on.

McClure said the report helps the police by seeing what they can do better and differently.

The information can also help the community by letting them know what the problems are and empower them to help prevent crime.

He mentions that the SCPD uses the Crime Triangle model in how they look at crime prevention.

In the model, there are three things:

  • Someone with the intent to commit the crime
  • Someone with the ability to commit the crime
  • The opportunity to commit the crime

McClure said that’s where the partnership with the community comes in to help lower the opportunity of a crime happening.

For more information on home and personal safety, the SCPD recommends that you contact them via the website, call them at (712) 279-6960, or in person at headquarters, 601 Douglas St.

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