SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A nationwide chlorine shortage has rippled into Siouxland and several businesses are now feeling the effects.

Back in September, a fire at a Louisiana facility that manufactures chlorine tablets halted production leaving chlorine in short supply.

“Up until this week, we’ve had chlorine and there wasn’t a shortage on our end by any means. Of course, now that it’s becoming more nationally known, locally known that the shortage is happening due to the fire last year,” said Lucas Mosher, sales manager at Professional Pool and Spa.

Sales manager Lucas Mosher said the store went from fully stocked with the tablets to almost gone within 24 hours.

“It was a day unlike any other, let’s put it that way, where we had more customers in an hour’s period than earlier this year,” said Mosher.
Alternatives for chlorine tablets, according to Mosher, include bromine, chlorine granules, and liquid chlorine.

“Liquid chlorine is gonna definitely be a substitute that we will use. It’s an easy application to your swimming pool and it can be done a couple of times throughout the week for substituting our chlorine tablets,” said Mosher.

Currently, the store is only limiting two chlorine tablet buckets to a customer.