SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – Last year, the Paul Davis Restoration of Sioux City moved into their new South Sioux City location but held off from holding a celebration due to COVID-19. 

Now with more people getting vaccinated, the company finally decided to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new location as well as their one-year anniversary. 

“For us being in South Sioux City, obviously we employ 14 people here as well as a long list of contractors, drywall, painter, tapers, those kinds of things, and for us, we’ve been growing since we’ve come to Siouxland. Now that we’re in South Sioux City, in the last year, we’ve added two additional employees and we’re continuing to grow,” said Harold Smith, General Manager of Paul Davis Restoration of Sioux City.  

Smith said the new building location has a few advantages over their last location. One of them being the neighborhood. 

“Really the advantage to this is it’s more of a fit for us. The neighborhood we were in wasn’t the best neighborhood when we were over on Pierce St., this is a little nicer neighborhood area. It’s a better fit all the way around. It’s utilities, taxes; there’s a lot of things to consider when we made this move,” said Smith.