Digital Exclusive: Pandemic renews interest in Pokémon, sports trading cards

Digital Exclusive

(KCAU) – First, it was a shortage of toilet paper. Then, it was chlorine. Now, the most unexpected shortage is affecting Siouxland – trading cards.

The pandemic caused a renewed interest in card collecting among folks who used to collect them when they were kids.

“So, a lot of people pulled out their old collections of cards, whether it be Pokémon or sports cards, and got interested in that again,” said Jim Jordan, manager of Jordan’s Sportscards.

Because packs were flying off the shelves as soon as they were stocked, major stores like Target either limited purchases or stopped selling them altogether.

The high demand makes it difficult for small businesses that decide to sell trading cards to find a distributor.

“Every vendor that we’ve tried to get has turned us down and said that they are no longer taking new clients,” said Geoff Goodman, owner of Game Lair.

Jim Jordan, who manages Jordan’s Sportscards, said he’s also noticed the increased purchases in his shop and even had to limit how much a customer can buy, but still stays well-stocked.

“The difference between us and the big stores like Walmart and Target is we’re in a small town, we get our things from several different distributors. They get all of their stuff from one vendor who comes in and stocks the shelves about once a week,” said Jordan.

According to Jordan, it’s impossible to tell when the shortage will end.

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