Digital Exclusive: NAIA Women’s Volleyball Tournament dinner has a local connection

Digital Exclusive

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – During the NAIA Women’s Volleyball Tournament, there is one dinner that brings a lot of people out on Thursday night.

Pete’s Pot Roast has been on the NAIA menu for more than five years and has become a popular meal during the tournament.

KCAU 9 Digital spoke with Sioux City councilman Pete Groetken about the story behind Pete’s Pot Roast.

“I used to tease [Mark Wisniewski] all the time about ‘You have a beautiful spread, the food is great. But you know what, us Midwestern boys, we just like meat, potato, and vegetables. You got to do that for me, sometime.’ And he said ‘OK, OK,'” said Groetken. “Well, one year goes by and a second year went by. And then I started getting after [Wisniewski] again. He called me and said ‘You don’t want to miss lunch because guess what? We have pot roast on the menu.’ I said ‘I won’t. Thank you for calling.’ [I] came down here and it was absolutely great.”

People filled the dining area at the Tyson Events Center on Thursday night to have some of the famous pot roast, along with potatoes, stir-fry, beef gravy, a salad, dinner roll, and dessert.

Pete also had some of the pot roast for dinner. He hopes that Pete’s Pot Roast will be back on the NAIA menu next year.

“I think as long as it draws people, they’ll continue to do [the pot roast]. They’ll continue to do it and the venue itself is a fantastic venue. So, we’re really pleased and pot roast is just a bonus,” said Groetken.

The 2019 NAIA Women’s Volleyball Tournament will continue at the Tyson Event Center until December 7.

Groetken hopes that the NAIA will bring the pot roast to the Women’s Basketball Tournament menu in March 2020.

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