SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Over the last ten years, Aspen Assisted Living celebrates the Olympics each time there is an ongoing event.  

This year they held a parade for their residents, in which each resident carried the Olympic Flame before passing it to their peers. As the Olympics are ongoing, so are the activities.

“And being I have done this before; we pull out the file, but we tweak it every year. But we have to plan ahead; we have red, white, and blue necklaces they sometimes wear; we get medals to hand them or maybe a piece of candy wrapped in gold silver, or bronze,” said Activity Director, Jennifer Steiger.

Steiger has been planning events inspired by the Olympics over the last 15 years of her career, and she continues to plan these celebrations because it’s beneficial to the residents in many ways, and the smiles are what makes it worth it.

“It has the mental impact of bringing joy to them because you hear lots of laughter. It also gets them like we had disk throwing and they either hand on to the walker or a chair or table and it gets them up and moving so they’re using different muscles that way. And stability today they’ll do bingo so different thinking on not just their numbers,” said Steiger. 

“Well, I sat at my door till the torch came by me, then I moved to the next door and gave it to that lady,” said resident Eleanor Lavonne Landman, “and we did the ring toss outside, that was fun. Of course, I had to do it with my left hand because I had surgery on my right hand, so I didn’t make any scores.” 

Steiger said they will continue to plan these celebrations for residence including the upcoming winter Olympics, where residents could be having snowball fights with marshmallows.