Digital Exclusive: Clear area around fire hydrants in the winter

Digital Exclusive

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – With the snow starting to pile up once again, local fire departments are asking Siouxlanders to keep nearby fire hydrants uncovered.

The South Sioux City Fire Department says they rely on the community to clear a three-foot by three-foot space around the hundreds of fire hydrants in the area.

“That gives the hose a good straight shot–three feet off the hydrant–to come off and flow like we want it to. If we don’t get the correct flow, then we can’t do our job, up to our abilities. So, that definitely hinders our work,” said Ott, SSCFD Firefighter/EMT.

The U.S Fire Administration says one way to keep fire hydrants accessible is to install hydrant flags or snow markers that show where the hydrant is after they get buried by the snowplows.

The South Sioux City Fire Department also says to clear fire hydrants frequently, in order to help the firefighters, in the case of an emergency.

“Just for the simple fact, you never know when your emergency is going to be. So, if we can have [the clearing] done beforehand. When we show up, go to work right away, we don’t have to waste two to three minutes digging out your [fire] hydrant, to get ready for a fire,” said Ott.

For more information, go to the U.S Fire Administration website.

Courtesy of U.S Fire Administration

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