VERMILLION, S.D. (KCAU) – If there ever was a chance to get free flowers and grasses from the City of Vermillion, Tuesday afternoon was the perfect opportunity.

The City held Save the Flowers at the Ratingen Platz, which is a one-time event where people can grab plants and take them home to be used.

“A first-come, first-serve, giving away some of the flowers and vegetation that we had planted around the corners in downtown Vermillion. The City of Vermillion is doing a downtown cityscape plan, which is going to involve a lot of new sidewalks, pedestrian crossings,” said Jim Goblirsch, Parks & Recreation director.

Jim Goblirsch, director of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department, said that they decided to put this event together because of a lot of interest from people about the plants.

The Streetscape Project is in the beginning stage and started around a month ago. The plan is to improve the ADA accessibility of downtown Vermillion.

“We want to continue showing it off and have it accessible to everyone, so the ADA accessibility is one thing. The pedestrian safety, there’s some bump-outs that are going to happen to improve the crosswalks and all the people that come down. It’s a very walkable downtown and we want to make sure that we continue to keep people safe,” said Goblirsch.

Goblirsch said the project will help bring uniformity to the downtown area and make it aesthetically pleasing with planters for trees and flowers and space for vegetation.

The Save the Flowers event helped give a large volume of plants a second chance and gardeners the opportunity to take a piece of downtown home with them.

“We’re going to comb through it here one more time. If there’s any place that we can reuse any of the stuff. Otherwise, we’re probably going to take it and dispose of it because we don’t want it to lay around downtown throughout the night,” said Jim Goblirsch, Parks & Recreation director.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the city’s maintenance and landscaping crew removed the plants from the downtown area and took them to the Platz for people to collect.

Goblirsch mentions the Streetscape Project will go throughout the summer and into the early part of the fall.