Digital Exclusive: Authorities remind drivers of move over law

Digital Exclusive

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Did you know if you see flashing red, white, blue, or amber-colored lights on the side of the road, you’re required to move over or slow down?

After a South Dakota tow truck driver was hit and killed by a passing vehicle while trying to help a car out of a ditch, it’s a good time to remind drivers of the move over laws.

Sioux City Officer Andrew Dutler explained what Iowa’s move over law is.

“Our move over law says you have to move over for any vehicle that has their emergency lights initiated,” Dutler explained.

The law also applies to passenger vehicles.

“If you and I were driving your personal vehicles and for whatever reason, we had an issue on the interstate or the street, if we move over and we initiate our blinking lights, that means other vehicles are supposed to get over,” added Dutler.

If you are unable to get over, Dutler mentioned you need to slow down to a reasonable speed, below the speed limit. Doing so will help keep those on the side of the road safe.

Iowa Code 321.323A says that fines can cost up to $1,000 not including surcharges and court costs. In addition, there is a maximum penalty of a one-year suspension of your driver’s license.

Nebraska and South Dakota both have similar laws to Iowa’s. To find information on Nebraska’s move over law, click here and for information on South Dakota’s move over law, click here.

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