Digital Exclusive: The reasoning for the butterfly invasion


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Butterflies have been all over the roads this summer and many are wondering why there are so many, why they’re here and what kind they are.

KCAU 9 Digital talked to Olivia Parks from the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center about what type of butterflies these are and why they are here.

“These types of butterflies are actually Painted Ladies,” Parks stated. “Many people actually mistake Painted Ladies for Monarchs.”

She told KCAU 9 Digital that they are here because it’s the beginning of their breeding season.

“Because the heat has been a little hotter and a little more up north then it is normally. So, a lot of their population has been pushed up north for their breeding season,” Parks added.

Another reason why they are here is that one of their favorite foods is soybean leaves. Because of this, many farmers think they’re a pest but Parks said Painted Ladies are not considered a pest in North America.

The numbers of the Painted Ladies population will start to decline towards the end of September. However, once the first frost comes the butterflies will be headed to Mexico where they can be found all year long.

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