Digital Exclusive: Staying healthy at the county fair


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With some county fairs already happening and many others about to start, it’s important to remember to wash your hands with warm soapy water after visiting the animal exhibits.

Tyler Brock from the Siouxland District Health Department talked to KCAU 9 Digital about the importance of washing your hands after being around animals.

“It’s not unusual for animals to carry some illnesses, to carry some bacteria. It doesn’t harm them, to say the least, but it can harm us,” Brock said.

Brock also informed KCAU 9 Digital that it’s not just when touching the animals, but also their surroundings. The fences, feeding containers, anything that is in or near the pen of the animal can be contaminated with the illnesses as well.

Lots of farms and petting zoos are putting hand sanitizers and handwashing stations outside animal housing.

However, Brock told us that hand sanitizers are good for intimate use, but in the long run, it is safer and better to wash your hands with warm soapy water

For more information on staying healthy while enjoying the county fairs, click here.

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