Digital Exclusive: Local man’s Rubik’s Cube collection turned into a hobby


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – One Siouxlander has turned his joy for Rubik’s Cubes into a collection and a hobby of his own.

Corey Fravel of Sioux City started his collection back when he was in second or third grade when we got his first cube. He said that he used to do the thing that all little kids do with the cube. He would change a few of the rows and then show people that he could “solve” the Rubik’s Cube; until his older brother changed that habit.

One day, his brother took his Rubik’s Cube and shuffled it, messing it up. Corey then put the cube in a drawer and didn’t look at it until many years later when his brother was learning how to solve one. This spiked Corey’s interest in solving the cube.

Corey also said that a scene from the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, pushed his interest in solving the Rubik’s Cube. He thought it would be a cool and fun way to impress his friends in high school. After he started showing his that he could solve a Rubik’s Cube, he was asked about other variations of the puzzle and that’s what started his interest in collecting them.

Not only does Corey have a large collection of Rubik’s Cubes (that he says he won’t stop collecting them because they keep coming out with new versions), he has been inspired by a version of the puzzle to create his own.

After lots of communication with the maker in China, Corey’s version of the Rubik’s Cube was made, and is known as the “Corey 3x3x5 Fisher Cuboid”, and can be purchased online.

Corey is now in the process of making another new version of the puzzle. The new puzzle will be larger than the previous one he made and is still in the very early stages of being created.

His collection continues to grow, as he collects all versions of the Rubik’s Cube. Some of the versions he has aren’t even in a cube shape, some are in the shape of a pyramid, sphere, and oblong shaped. He also has some that aren’t solved by matching colors on the sides, instead, they are solved by matching shapes that once in place form a cube.

When Corey isn’t solving Rubik’s Cubes he performs magic tricks for others to enjoy.

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