Davenport residents use boats due to flooding


DAVENPORT, Iowa (WHBF) – As the Mississippi River surpasses the historic 1993 crest, people near the Quad Cities are struggling to stay afloat.

It’s been more than 40 days since Meredith Dennis has seen dry land around her home. And while this isn’t their first flood, this is worse than anything they’ve seen before. 

“We choose to live there but we don’t choose to have record flooding and choose not to have the means to take care of that while we wait,” Dennis said.

For weeks, they’ve made it work, adding a boat ride home to their daily routine. 

“We have been fortunate that we do have the means to boat in and out so until it got to a point where it just wasn’t safe anymore, where we couldn’t wade through anymore, we were able to boat,” she said.

Like many others living along the river, rising waters have now forced the Dennis family out of their home entirely.

I actually just talked to a neighbor who is stuck, he’s 2 inches from going under water. I have another neighbor who has lived down there for all of these floods and she is out, has been for awhile,” said Dennis. “Obviously financially it takes a toll. We have flood insurance but that only covers structure.” 

Which is why she says the best way people can help quickly is with cash. 

For now, they hope the water comes down soon before they lose what is left.

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