Dakota County Sheriff’s office says it’s not involved in Sunday’s ICE raids


DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — The Dakota County Sheriff’s department is part of President Trump’s new 287 G program where local officers have been trained to work with ice agents if called upon.

The ACLU and other organizations have spoken out about the partnership, saying it impacts the community’s trust with law enforcement and could affect and prevent people from reporting crimes.

KCAU 9 spoke with the Lt. Jacob Acero of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office and he said their department will have nothing to do with immigration raids this Sunday.

“Dakota County takes no part in going out in the community and picking up unlawful aliens at all,” said Acero.

The Dakota County Sheriff’s office said their involvement with ICE has more to do with serving as jailers and deputies.

The lieutenant said its also a way for their department to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants that are arrested for other crimes.

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