Cybersafe Parent: Easy tips for creating better passwords


Creating new passwords for mobile devices can be frustrating, but they are necessary to keep personal data safe. Passwords can be hard to remember, so the majority of us use the same ones over and over.
That’s not the best way to protect your information.

Experts tell us passwords need to be at least fifteen characters long and include numbers, symbols, and capital letters. One trick that can make passwords much harder to figure out is to use phrases.

“I love football would be an example of that or, uh, you know, something like I can’t wait to go home, you know, more sentence like. If you have a very short password they’re easy to guess. They’re easy to use a brute force attack,” said Shane Hammet.

Connecting multiple devices like your smartwatch and phone can also put your passwords at a higher risk of being hacked.

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