According to survey, 3 of every 4 Iowans are vulnerable to online identity theft


Are you vulnerable to online identity theft?  A recent survey by says yes.
We’re sharing results from that survey in this week’s Cybersafe Parent report. According to the results, 3 of every 4 Iowans are vulnerable to online identity theft.

One in 10 in the survey indicated they would not report if they fell prey to an online scam. When asked what type of data they would be most concerned about being leaked online almost half said personal data. Things like your date of birth, phone number or social security number.

Overall, the majority of those surveyed only rated their efforts to protect themselves online from privacy attacks as “adequate.”  2,900 people participated in the cybersafe survey.

We also have advise for college students or anyone else looking for a job online.  According to the Better Business Bureau, phony job offers are now the number-one scam targeting people online.
The BBB calls it the “Amazon effect,” scammers try to exploit theAmazonn brand by luring people to apply for non-existent jobs through a fake website and pay them startup costs.

“They’re probably going to tell me that they’re going to take me through an offer.  I need to pay $200 to get set up and they’ll reimburse me for a computer,” said Jessie Schmidt with the Better Business Bureau.

To take the survey yourself, click this link.


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