Cul de sac Circus provides entertainment while maintaining social distancing


COLUMBIA, Md (CNN) – These days, a fun, family trip to the circus is out of the question. But what if the circus came to you? One cul de sac in Maryland had just that.

Greg May’s circus performing business all but stopped when large gatherings and events were banned.

“I was getting really, really down, so I thought I would do one of my school shows for the kids in my neighborhood,” said May.

The show was such a hit, and other neighborhoods started contacting him, creating the Cul de sac Circus.

Neighbors can sit in their driveways a safe distance apart and watch the show without leaving home.

“It’s something positive. It’s something for a few minutes to just forget about what is going on with the world and all the viruses and stuff so its just to make people happy,” said Stefanie Rye.

The show is free fun and educational.

As a former barnum and bailey performer, and a former science teacher, May has adapted his science based show that he usually takes into schools.

“What I’m doing is I’m trying to help kids realize just how much science they already know, so I’m going to introduce science concepts, things like inertia and other Newton’s Laws, force equals mass times acceleration,” May said.

For kids of all ages who are stuck inside a lot now and not going to school, it’s a welcome change of pace.

“I thought it was really fun. I thought it was cool how he kept saying, ‘What does this mean?’ And we kept answering, and he was really funny too,” said Ava, a 5th grader.

May says it helps him as much as it helps folks in the neighborhood get through this unprecedented time. A new form of entertainment in our new normal.

“It is amazing our community coming together when we’re not allowed to come together,” said May. “It’s just a half an hour but it’s something to brighten the day. It’s something to get a few laughs. It was nice to see a few smiles.”

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