SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Work is currently underway at Siouxland Freedom Park on a paving project.

The plan is to have a horseshoe-shaped driveway lead off of Veterans Drive, up to the interpretive center and back to veterans drive. There will be a drop-off area with some parking up close to the center as well as the freedom rock along with a new larger parking lot.

The vice president of the Siouxland Freedom Park said the project addresses the need to have better accessibility to the park.

“Our current parking lot is a ways away and that was done on purpose to not detract from the Vietnam memorial wall. But we really know that we have to get easier access for our veterans who sometimes have some disabilities or maybe are just a little older in age and they need the easy access,” said Pam Miller, vice president of Siouxland Freedom Park

The paving project is expected to be complete by October 31.