Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton says she’s willing to fight for a constitutional amendment to fix the “dysfunctional political system.”

In an op-ed that appeared in the Des Moines Register Monday, Mrs. Clinton starts out by recounting her experience in Iowa.

She talked about meeting Bryce Smith, who owns a bowling alley, saying she understands his struggle as a small business owner. Clinton has never owned a small business.

In the letter in the Register, Clinton outlines the four areas she says she’s going to try to make a difference. She says she wants to build the economy through the middle class, protect the country from threats, strengthen families and her last tenet stands out: She wants to fix the dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out., even if it takes a constitutional amendment.

It’s interesting timing because the Clinton Foundation is actually under fire for what they call “mistakes” in filing their financial reports. They are fighting against accusations of conflict of interest in a book about to be released. In the book “Clinton Cash,” writer Peter Schweizer alleges that the foundation let some donors have undue influence on the charity’s work and State Department actions. In a blog post out Sunday, the foundation’s acting CEO reaffirmed its commitment to transparency.