Charities expecting financial boost from Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is a national day where many organizations all over are expected to get extra financial help, but they fear the change in the nations tax laws might change how much Americans donate. 

From large-scale disasters, like the wildfires in California, to smaller, but very real disasters like a kitchen fire at home, the Red Cross helps people in need.

“We respond to 64,000 disasters on average every year. That’s one every eight minutes,” said Gail McGovern, the American Red Cross CEO. 

This Giving Tuesday, the Red Cross hopes Americans will give.

“They can donate blood, they can make a financial donation, and they can give the gift of time,” McGovern said.  

Changes to the tax law mean it will be harder for many Americans to get a tax deduction for their donations to charity.

Charitable organizations like the Red Cross hope that won’t stop people from giving. 

“So the optimist in me thinks that people give out of the goodness of their heart and they will step up,” McGovern said.  

Other organizations like Stand Together hope to entice donors with a different kind of incentive.

Executive Director Evan Feinberg said stand together will give a dollar for dollar match 

“We identify and vet the most effective non-profit organizations in the country,” Feinberg said. “These organizations are taking bold and innovative approaches that are helping people to lift themselves out of poverty.”

One example is an organization called the Phoenix.

“They help people overcome the power of addiction through support of community and celebrating sobriety rather than just focusing on their addiction,” said Feinberg. 

You can find a list of innovative charities on and the Red Cross at their website.

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