Cases of deadly coronavirus on the rise


LOS ANGELES, California (ABC) – The number of cases of the deadly coronavirus is rising.

It has been confirmed for the first time in Hong Kong, and here in the United States, with various states reporting possible cases as health officials in Washington State share new details about a patient being treated there.

The outbreak has killed at least 17 people in Asia and is now affecting more than 600 others.

“I would expect he’ll recover fully and hopefully lead a normal life,” Dr. George Diaz, Providence Regional Medical Center said about the sick patient.

A travel ban is now in place in Wuhan, one of the largest transportation hubs in central China. There are around 11 million people in the city, with two other large cities in the region on lock-down.

“Nobody’s at the shopping malls and now nobody’s at the movie theaters and very few people are out and about,” Matt McCoy added.

The United States has added precautions as travelers land from China.

The CDC is funneling all passengers arriving from Wuhan through five U.S. airports with mandatory screenings and posting advisories at checkpoints at 14 airports.

“People are expecting to see more U.S. cases, but the risk of a massive outbreak here in the United States is still considered to be low,” Dr. Ashton said.

The World Health Organization met again to discuss the virus, deciding if it is too soon to declare a public health emergency.

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