Art center “french fries” getting ready for a makeover


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — If you’ve driven through downtown Sioux City this week, you may have noticed some construction work on a beloved sculpture.

Its official name is the “Sioux City”, but for more than 4 decades Siouxlanders have dubbed the massive yellow beams “The French Fries” sculpture. Now, it may need a new nickname. The current renovations are in preparation for a new blue paint job.

This after the Sioux City Art Center put the sculpture’s color to a city-wide vote last year. Folks had 3 options blue, red and keeping it yellow.

“It was a close vote, but blue was selected. Last night restoration began. The company working on it will be stripping away all of the paints to give it a fresh coat of primer and blue paint for the first time ever,” said art center curator Todd Behrens.

“Sioux City” was painted by renowned sculptor John Henry who gave the art museum permission to change the color of the original design created back in 1977. So after more than 45 years of being yellow officals say it could be blue by as early as next week.

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