Arkansas dog get foster home after being in “no-kill” shelter for seven years


HELENA-WEST HELENA, AR (CNN) – At this time of year, many folks just want to be home for the holidays.

That’s the goal for a seven-year-old dog named Scout who until recently only knew the staff at an Arkansas humane society.

It’s a brave new world for seven-year-old Scout since he found the loving arms of foster mom, Andrea Denk and her son, Eddie.

The Denk’s, from Russelville, Arkansas, fell in love with Scout when they visited the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena-West Helena.

“We found out he loves kids, he loves adults, and he loves sitting on the sectional. He’s been working on his “leash manners,” but he’s very easy going. He’s just happy,” said Andrea Denk, foster parent.

The Denk’s will care for Scout until someone decides to adopt him, but fostering allows dogs, who have only know a shelter, to let their personality come out.

Not a surprise to the staff here, who raised Scout since he was a pup.

“He’s always been sweet and always been loving. When our foster took Scout home she just couldn’t believe it, because he transitioned so well, but he’s a sweetheart,” said Rita Merritt, Humane Society of the Delta.

You may thinking, seven years in a shelter?

But you’d be surprised to know there are some dogs that have called the Humane Society of the Delta home for even longer.

This is a “no-kill” shelter, so dogs and cats stay until they are adopted.

“We have between 250 and 275 in dogs. We have over 50 cats. Mainly, it’s because people won’t spay and neuter. We need a spay and neuter clinic so badly,” said Merritt.

Staff members say there is a crisis in Phillips County involving abandoned and abused animals, like Issac, brought from near starvation to a loving dog looking for a good home.

“If more people would foster, I feel like at least half of them would already have permanent homes. Because once the fall in love with them, they can’t let them go,” said Rita Merritt, Humane Society of the Delta.

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