Apollo 11 mission control restored for 50th anniversary


NEW YORK CITY (ABC News) – This week, the U.S.A. is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic mission to the moon.

The heart of the mission, the control center, was newly restored. Stepping into the restored Apollo 11 mission operations control room, it feels like that message just came over the speaker.

July 20th 1969, America became the first country to put a man on the moon. And every mathematical calculation, every decision, had to be cleared through one room.

Apollo 11 Flight Director Gene Kranz said it feels like he’s stepping back in time.

“The people that lived here, and worked here, the room talks to them,” Kranz said.

The $8.5 million project recreated every detail, down to the data on the computer screen, the ashtrays, even a specific crew member’s coffee cup.

“We had to get the exact colors of coffee cups, even the patterns of coffee cups,” Sandra Tetley said. “The girl that was in charge of this spent hours and hours on Ebay and Etsy and an antique shops and thrift stores.”

Tetly, the Johnson Space Center Historic Preservation Officer, said it took her team six years to make everything just right, digging through mission control records, and the few videos that existed from that day.”

“It needs to be exact because you are telling history so it needs to be exact,” Tetley said.

Krantz said it’s nearly perfect. And walking into the restored room, he’s brought back to the raw emotion of that historic day

“This room was really stirring and the emotional intensity in this room was almost overwhelming,” said Krantz. “It was the kind of thing that only happens once in your life.”

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